The Abacus performs three functions: Counting people, measuring environmental conditions, and communication.

The Abacus counts people moving in and out of a room. Data collected tells you how many people are in a room at any given time.

​Measuring room occupancy in this way not only indicates whether it is occupied at any given moment, but also what the actual utilization is against the room’s full capacity.


CO2 levels

TVOC levels




Sound levels

Light lux level

Placement example:

abacus sensor placement map.png


103mm x 90mm x 30mm


66,5 g


Information is streamed by the Abacus directly to the cloud-based Solutions Hub at pre-determined intervals. This transmission happens securely and seamlessly anywhere in the world via GSM using  MQTT communications protocol. The secure independent connectivity means no other gateway function, or integration with client network is needed.

No on-site configuration is required, the transmission will happen automatically when the device is powered. Abacus only needs to be plugged in using the supplied 5-volt power supply. Abacus will immediately start measuring and sending data to the cloud.