Our Story

Facility managers across the globe find it difficult to manage their facilities' environment, employee behaviour patterns and asset movement. Managing these elements are essential in establishing an effective and efficient organization-centered office environment.

Ergosense was founded with the singular purpose to provide solutions that help manage these elements. The founders of Ergosense come from diverse backgrounds. Interior architecture, office furniture manufacturing, and enterprise-scale software system design. With this multidisciplinary set of skills, Ergosense is in a unique position to create a single, integrated, scalable platform with which to manage facilities, people and assets.


Furthermore, the fast pace of the Internet of Things (IoT) innovation and the emergence of technology platforms such as Bluetooth mesh networks have made it possible to design and develop a unified, sensor-based platform. This platform provides users with accurate, aggregated and sensible information that will allow them to use real data to optimize office building facilities and behaviour patterns.


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