Benefits and Beyond.

Optimise the use of your space from establishing desk specificity to an overview of your property portfolio.

Cloud Reporting

All of the recorded data is available to you through the cloud from a web browser and displayed on a single user friendly dashboard.

Detailed data analysis

Each sensor can record occupancy over 1500 times per day, allowing you to track area-specific factors and conditions over a selected time frame.

Economical on energy

Our sensors use unobtrusive, wireless technology that allows for low maintenance and extends battery life.

Scalable to your space

Small, subtle, wireless sensors

Sophisticated design allows that all products can be attached to any required space or asset.

Workspace neutral

Our products can be utilized across all your spaces from boardrooms to single offices and cafeterias to communal spaces.

Use Ergosense's information to help you enhance your facility occupation, human wellness, and optimal productivity. All Ergosense information and reports are on one platform that provides easy access for any organization.


Use real-time data to monitor, manage, and optimize your facilities by tracking the relationship between your people, spaces and technologies at the touch of a button.

It has never been easier to observe and control the environments that will result in more efficient and cost-effective spaces for your employees to thrive in.