Most companies overestimate how much office space is really occupied in traditional working environments. The pebble can help organizations measure occupancy and desk usage, to help you decrease your rental cost and utilize your space more effectively.


Pebbles only detect human presence.


For example, they will not respond to the movement of chairs or vacuum cleaners. It is placed underneath desks with minimum intrusiveness.

Placement example:

pebble sensor placement map.png


103mm x 90mm x 24mm


98 g


Pebbles have a 600mm diameter 360deg measurement field that detects through materials such as wooden desktops and seating foam. This means that the detection capability is much higher than traditional line-of-sight PIR motion detection devices. The detection is also completely anonymous.


Pebbles are powered by rechargeable batteries, which last 12 to 18 months. Our solutions hub monitors battery levels and users will be notified when Pebbles need to be recharged.


Pebbles always communicate with a Doc which functions as the gateway to delivering data to the Solutions Hub. A common ratio for deployment is 30 to 20 Pebbles to one Doc. This data is shared over a closed Bluetooth mesh network which needs no client connectivity or integration.