Ergosense - Sensing Reality

Ergosense helps improve the workplace through
Smart Technology, ​Cost Reduction, and Improved Productivity.



The Pebble is our human presence measurement tool,
that can help organisations measure occupancy.

It is placed underneath desks with minimum intrusiveness.



The Doc is the unit that measures the environmental factors including sound, temperature, light, CO2 levels, humidity, and TVOCs.

The Doc is also the primary communication device.




The Abacus is a people counter, used to measure the use of meeting rooms. 

Measuring room density and usage will not only indicate whether a space is utilized, but also whether a meeting room is utilized to
its full capacity.


Solutions Hub

The core of the Ergosense ecosystem, the
cloud-based Solutions Hub captures and simplifies all the sensor data, and displays it in a user-friendly analytical view.


The dashboard is also the administrative hub that communicates with the
Sensy app. 




The SENSY mobile application has been developed to help improve employee/facility symbiosis. 

The app features a desk booking system, communication systems, and employee engagement modules.

SENSY is managed from the Solutions Hub where facility managers can review all the app data.