Ergosense smart sensors

Smart Sensors

  • Small subtle sensors units

  • Cost effective

  • Quick deployment and ease of use

  • Comprehensive data reporting and analytics 

  • Guaranteed personal privacy

  • Secure Independent communication

Ergosense floor map

Valuable occupancy and environmental data at your fingertips

Ergosense floor map



The Pebble is our human presence measurement sensor,  providing accurate data on individual workspace occupancy  and utilization.

Ergosense floor map for Doc sensor


The Doc is the unit that measures the environmental metrics including sound, temperature, light, CO2 levels, humidity, and TVOCs.

The Doc acts as the communications gateway between sensors and Solutions Hub

Ergosense floor map for Abacus


The Abacus is a people counter, measuring the occupancy and utilization of meeting rooms.  

It also measures the wellness metrics of the area, namely:  sound, temperature, light, CO2 levels, humidity, and TVOCs. 

Ergosense floor map for Solutions Hub

Solutions Hub

The core of the Ergosense ecosystem, the cloud based Solutions Hub captures and simplifies all the sensor data and displays it in a user friendly analytical view.  It also serves as systems administration platform for the Sensy mobile app.



Sensy mobile app

Ergosense floor map for Sensy app


The SENSY mobile application has been developed to serve as an effective booking system and communications platform to improve employee engagement.