Integrated mobile device application designed to be your facility guide and companion

Booking & scheduling

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User bookings made simple for any defined space or facility

MS 365 integration ensures single view of user calendar.

Booking and occupancy data gets captured on the back-end


Generate employer defined surveys  - any topic, at any time. 

Flexible question formats and easy to respond to.

Analysis and reporting of feedback via the Solutions Hub.



Maintenance request and suggestions

Open a direct line between maintenance and occupants. Users can send suggestions and log facility issues with images and location attachments to aid in a swift response. All requests logged via the Ergosense platform reroutes to relevant owners in the business.

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Company-wide information updates on facilities-related matters.

Employer controlled messages via SENSY mobile app , ad-hoc or automated.


COVID-19 screening questionnaire

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Completion of mandatory COVID-19 questions by each employee on the SENSY mobile app.

SENSY generates access confirmation tokens while the questionnaire data is stored via the Ergosense platform.

Facility environmental information

If Ergosense sensors are installed, employees can also check the facility health stats and occupancy rates of their buildings, making them feel safe.

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SOS and Emergencies

The appropriate emergency numbers can be accessed via a shortcut from the app, as well as additional company-specific information provided for emergencies - Medical, Fire, Security, Covid-19, etc.