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The new frontier of workspace design

Actionable data driving workplace change

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 Ensure a safe return to the workplace

Reduce the risk of infection and virus survivability by balancing indoor environmental factors

Real-time notifications on critical metrics like capacity limits and hazardous indoor air quality readings

Explore our data analytics and reporting platform

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Occupancy and utilization data can aid in creating a robust cleaning regime

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Cultivate trust in occupants by displaying environmental wellness and density data

Advanced evidenced-based solutions for workplace optimization

The office is not dead, just different.

Work from home (WFH) is here to stay and a move towards hybrid workspaces is a given.

Re-imagine the workplace to suit your new normal


Adjust your hybrid work schedule to balance your occupancy optimally

Design your space with a focus on meeting, collaboration, and shared workplaces

Create a balance between social distancing and maximum spatial density

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Get instant feedback on the success of new spatial designs and interventions

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Build historical data on your facility to guide future decision-making

Learn more about our utilization data reporting

The complete toolbox

Ergosense developed a range of hardware and software solutions to achieve our mission:

IoT sensors with an independent communication system

Cloud-based solutions hub with data analytic tools and automated reports

Integrated mobile app for space booking and employee engagement features


These products combine as a plug-and-play solution for facilities data capturing and analysis.  Insights gained through the reporting tools enable informed evidence-based decision-making.

Any type

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Big or small